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Friday, March 22, 2013

Example of Report Text - A Tidal Wave

Example of Report Text


A tidal wave can burst upon a beach and smash a tree as if it were a matchstick. It can start when an earthquake makes the ground shake under the ocean. The quake makes the water push up from the ocean floor, and makes waves that can become one huge wall of rushing water. The water can burst over the land, smashing boats, automobiles, houses and other things and kill people in its way.

Most tidal waves occur in the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes, the waves are so small that they cause no damage at all. But people who live along ocean shores have to be prepared for the worst. They can be saved from dangerous tidal waves if they are warned ahead of time.

Most people call the wave a tidal wave, but the scientific name for is tsunami, a Japanese word that means storm wave.

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