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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dialogues About Phone Conversation I

When you make a request in a telephone conversation as shown in Activity 8, you need to know polite patterns. Here are some examples. Repeat after the teacher.



1.      May I speak to John, please?
2.      Could I speak to John, please?
3.      Can I speak to John, please?
4.      Do you mind if …?
5.      Would you mind if …?

Wait a moment.
He is out.
Yes. Certainly.
Wrong number.
Sure. (informal)
Okay. (informal)

Listen and repeat the following phone conversation.
Then, answer the questions.

Bob     : Hello.
Adi      : Hello.
Bob     : Bob speaking. Can I speak to Mary, please?
Adi      : Hm. She is not home right now.
Bob     : Oh, Ok.
Adi      : Can I take a message?
Bob     : Yes, please. Thanks.
Adi      : Wait a second. I’ll get a pen. (A minute later)
Adi      : Ok.
Bob     : Could you tell her to meet Bob at 7 p.m.
              in front of the City Public Library?
Adi      : All right.
Bob     : Thank you. Bye.
Adi      : Bye.


1.      Who are the speakers? Do they know each other?
2.      How does Bob open the conversation?
3.      What does Bob want?
4.      What does Adi offer?
5.   What will Adi tell Mary?

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