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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dialogues About Asking for and Giving Fact

Very often people express facts about something. Here are some examples on responding to people’s statements of facts. Pay attention to the expressions printed in bold.

1.      Ayu           : The tolled motorway to Surabaya is closed
                         again today.
Boni          : Really? That’s too bad. I hope it will be
                   opened again tomorrow.
Ayu           : Why?
Boni          : I have to pick up my Mom in Juanda airport.

2.      Cahyo        : The smoke in Palembang and Riau is
                          getting worse.
Dina           : It really is! I feel sorry for the people.
Cahyo        : So do I.

3.      Edi             : Do you know? The temperature in summer
                          in America can reach 41°C!
Firdha        : Is it true? Wow, it must be hot!
Edi             : Yes, it is really, really hot!

4.      Debbie       : I give up! I simply can’t learn French!
Helen         : Why do you say that? I think you’re making
                    a lot of progress.
Debbie       : No, I’m not. I try again and again, and still
                    I can’t speak French very well.
Helen         : Yes, you are. Learning any language takes
                    a lot of effort. But don’t give up. Why don’t
                    we practice those dialogues together?
Debbie       : A good idea.

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