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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My New City

I like my new city, Malang. It is very different from my hometown, Gresik. My new city is large and noisy. The weather is mild. There are many big supermarkets. But I often miss the fresh vegetables I bought in open markets in my hometown. But some things in my new city are similar to my hometown. The two cities are beautiful. The people are very friendly.

Answer the following questions.

1.      What is the name of the writer’s city now?
2.      What is the name of the writer’s hometown?
3.      How big is his/her new city? What about his/her hometown?
4.      How is the weather?
5.      Where does he/she usually shop now?
6.      How is his/her new city similar to his/her hometown?
7.      Think of two cities that you know. Tell some facts about them.

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