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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Egypt Capital

Cairo is the largest city in Egypt Here you can always roll back the centuries Modern Cairo has tall buildings and broad streets equal to any in the capitals of Europe or Australia From the top floors of impressive blocks of flats you can gaze at magnificent views across the river Nile.

However behind the modern buildings are narrow alleys where there is no sound of traffic The only sounds that come to your ears are the calls of the stall-holders Water sellers and herdsmen wander through the streets as their forefathers did thousands of years ago Many of the poorer people still dress in the same way as their ancesters.

Answer the following questions.

1.      In which country is Cairo situated?
2.      From where is the best place to absorb the views of the Nile?
3.      How is the modern section of Cairo different from the ancient section?

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